Getting Started with StereoKit - Native Code

StereoKit’s golden path is through C#, but the core of StereoKit is really just a C compatible library! C# is just a 1st class binding to this C library, so all of SK’s core functionality is still accessible from native code. This can be fantastic if you need the reliability of native code, or the ability to easily interact with other native libraries.

However! StereoKit’s core documentation is entirely focused on C#. Many C# docs map 1:1 with the C code, so this is still the best reference, but the C API is really only recommended to more advanced developers.

Native Template

The recommended way to get started with developing native StereoKit applications is via the CMake Template. Please see the template repository for up-to-date details and instructions! This template is excellent for Linux and Windows development, and can be fairly straightforward to use from VS Code.

Sample Code

StereoKit’s C API can be found in 2 different .h files, stereokit.h for all the main functions, and stereokit_ui.h for the user interface.

There is also some sample code available in the StereoKitCTest project that can be used for reference! It’s not as complete as the C# samples, but should help point you in the right direction for usage patterns and translation from C# docs.

Other Languages

Since StereoKit is a C API, it’s pretty easy to bind to other languages! While there are no official bindings other than C#, there are some partial examples for Zig and V, as well as a community driven effort to bind with rust!

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