Getting Started with StereoKit - Visual Studio Code

StereoKit’s onboarding has generally been optimized for Visual Studio ‘Prime’, but VS Code definitely has some benefits, like running on platforms other than windows! This path will be expanded on in the future, but here’s a quick way to get started on it right now.

Creating a new StereoKit project in VS Code

This guide also serves as a way to get started with C# projects in a command line environment! VS Code may have additional extensions that can make this experience simpler.

This requires having the .NET SDK installed on your machine. Some development setups may already have this installed, you can try running dotnet --version to double check!

To create the project:

mkdir ProjectName
cd ProjectName

dotnet new console
dotnet add package StereoKit

Add some code to get started:

using StereoKit;

    Mesh.Sphere.Draw(Material.Default, Matrix.S(0.1f));

To run the project:

# For .NET's hot-reload functionality
dotnet watch

# Or just a normal run
dotnet run

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