Tools and Extensions

Here’s a list of known tools designed to work with or extend StereoKit! If you’ve got something you’d like to see listed here, please file an Issue on the GitHub repository, we’d love to see it!

[NuGet] - Official - StereoKit.HolographicRemoting

This NuGet package is an implementation of HoloLens’ Holographic Remoting for StereoKit! This is an easy way to get desktop functionality onto your HoloLens, or cut down on iteration time while testing on-device.

[GitHub] - Official (WIP) - StereoKit Browser

This is a short StereoKit sample that shows implementing a browser UI widget using CefSharp!

[GitHub] - StereoKit Tools Collection

A small collection of IStepper tools and utilities for StereoKit.

[GitHub] - StereoKit Light Bake

This is a quick demo for performantly managing static scenes, and baking lighting into them with StereoKit! This bakes lighting into the vertex colors of the mesh, so is visually limited by the number of vertices the mesh has, and will merge meshes together.

[GitHub] - Desktop Duplicator Template

Mirroring a Windows desktop window and displaying it in StereoKit. Useful for developing in-context. This template also includes Holographic Remoting to work on HoloLens as well.

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