static void Subscribe(LogCallback onLog)

Allows you to listen in on log events! Any callback subscribed here will be called when something is logged. This does honor the Log.Filter, so filtered logs will not be received here. This method can safely be called before SK initialization.

LogCallback onLog The function to call when a log event occurs.


Then you add the OnLog method into the log events like this in your initialization code!


And in your Update loop, you can draw the window.


And that’s it!

An in-application log window

Here’s an example of using the Log.Subscribe method to build a simple logging window. This can be pretty handy to have around somewhere in your application!

Here’s the code for the window, and log tracking.

static Pose         logPose = new Pose(0, -0.1f, 0.5f, Quat.LookDir(Vec3.Forward));
static List<string> logList = new List<string>();
static string       logText = "";
static void OnLog(LogLevel level, string text)
	if (logList.Count > 15)
		logList.RemoveAt(logList.Count - 1);
	logList.Insert(0, text.Length < 100 ? text : text.Substring(0,100)+"...\n");

	logText = "";
	for (int i = 0; i < logList.Count; i++)
		logText += logList[i];
static void LogWindow()
	UI.WindowBegin("Log", ref logPose, new Vec2(40, 0) * U.cm);

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