static void WindowBegin(string text, Pose& pose, Vec2 size, UIWin windowType, UIMove moveType)

string text Text to display on the window title, should be unique as it will be used as the window’s id.
Pose& pose The pose state for the window! If showHeader is true, the user will be able to grab this header and move it around.
Vec2 size Physical size of the window! Should be set to a non-zero value, otherwise it’ll default to 32mm. If y is zero, it’ll expand to contain all elements within it.
UIWin windowType Describes how the window should be drawn, use a header, a body, neither, or both?
UIMove moveType Describes how the window will move when dragged around.

Begins a new window! This will push a pose onto the transform stack, and all UI elements will be relative to that new pose. The pose is actually the top-center of the window. Must be finished with a call to UI.WindowEnd().