class Anim

A link to a Model’s animation! You can use this to get some basic information about the animation, or store it for reference. This maintains a link to the Model asset, and will keep it alive as long as this object lives.

Instance Fields and Properties

float Duration The duration of the animation at normal playback speed, in seconds.
string Name The name of the animation as provided by the original asset.


Loading an animated Model

Here, we’re loading a Model that we know has the animations “Idle” and “Jump”. This sample shows some options, but only a single call to PlayAnim is necessary to start an animation.

Model model = Model.FromFile("Cosmonaut.glb");

// You can look at the model's animations:
foreach (Anim anim in model.Anims)
	Log.Info($"Animation: {anim.Name} {anim.Duration}s");

// You can play an animation like this
model.PlayAnim("Jump", AnimMode.Once);

// Or you can find and store the animations in advance
Anim jumpAnim = model.FindAnim("Idle");
if (jumpAnim != null)
	model.PlayAnim(jumpAnim, AnimMode.Loop);

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