enum AnimMode

Describes how an animation is played back, and what to do when the animation hits the end.

Enum Values

Loop If the animation reaches the end, it will always loop back around to the start again.
Manual The animation will not progress on its own, and instead must be driven by providing information to the model’s AnimTime or AnimCompletion properties.
Once When the animation reaches the end, it will freeze in-place.


Loading an animated Model

Here, we’re loading a Model that we know has the animations “Idle” and “Jump”. This sample shows some options, but only a single call to PlayAnim is necessary to start an animation.

Model model = Model.FromFile("Cosmonaut.glb");

// You can look at the model's animations:
foreach (Anim anim in model.Anims)
	Log.Info($"Animation: {anim.Name} {anim.Duration}s");

// You can play an animation like this
model.PlayAnim("Jump", AnimMode.Once);

// Or you can find and store the animations in advance
Anim jumpAnim = model.FindAnim("Idle");
if (jumpAnim != null)
	model.PlayAnim(jumpAnim, AnimMode.Loop);

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