enum AppMode

Specifies a type of display mode StereoKit uses, like Mixed Reality headset display vs. a PC display, or even just rendering to an offscreen surface, or not rendering at all!

Enum Values

None No mode has been specified, default behavior will be used. StereoKit will pick XR in this case.
Offscreen No display at all! StereoKit won’t even render to a texture unless requested to. This may be good for running tests on a server, or doing graphics related tool or CLI work.
Simulator Creates a flat window, and simulates some XR functionality. Great for development and debugging.
Window Creates a flat window and displays to that, but doesn’t simulate XR at all. You will need to control your own camera here. This can be useful if using StereoKit for non-XR 3D applications.
XR Creates an OpenXR or WebXR instance, and drives display/input through that.

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