TrackState trackedRot


This tells the current tracking state of the controller’s rotational information.


Controller Debug Visualizer

This function shows a debug visualization of the current state of the controller! It’s not something you’d show to users, but it’s nice for just seeing how the API works, or as a temporary visualization.

void ShowController(Handed hand)
	Controller c = Input.Controller(hand);
	if (!c.IsTracked) return;

		// Pick the controller color based on trackin info state
		Color color = Color.Black;
		if (c.trackedPos == TrackState.Inferred) color.g = 0.5f;
		if (c.trackedPos == TrackState.Known)    color.g = 1;
		if (c.trackedRot == TrackState.Inferred) color.b = 0.5f;
		if (c.trackedRot == TrackState.Known)    color.b = 1;
		Default.MeshCube.Draw(Default.Material, Matrix.S(new Vec3(3, 3, 8) *, color);

		// Show button info on the back of the controller
		Hierarchy.Push(Matrix.TR(0,1.6f*,0, Quat.LookAt(Vec3.Zero, new Vec3(0,1,0), new Vec3(0,0,-1))));

			// Show the tracking states as text
			Text.Add(c.trackedPos==TrackState.Known?"(pos)":(c.trackedPos==TrackState.Inferred?"~pos~":"pos"), Matrix.TS(0,-0.03f,0, 0.25f));
			Text.Add(c.trackedRot==TrackState.Known?"(rot)":(c.trackedRot==TrackState.Inferred?"~rot~":"rot"), Matrix.TS(0,-0.02f,0, 0.25f));

			// Show the controller's buttons
			Text.Add(Input.ControllerMenuButton.IsActive()?"(menu)":"menu", Matrix.TS(0,-0.01f,0, 0.25f));
			Text.Add(c.IsX1Pressed?"(X1)":"X1", Matrix.TS(0,0.00f,0, 0.25f));
			Text.Add(c.IsX2Pressed?"(X2)":"X2", Matrix.TS(0,0.01f,0, 0.25f));

			// Show the analog stick's information
			Vec3 stickAt = new Vec3(0, 0.03f, 0);
			Lines.Add(stickAt, stickAt + c.stick.XY0*0.01f, Color.White, 0.001f);
			if (c.IsStickClicked) Text.Add("O", Matrix.TS(stickAt, 0.25f));

			// And show the trigger and grip buttons
			Default.MeshCube.Draw(Default.Material, Matrix.TS(0, -0.015f, -0.005f, new Vec3(0.01f, 0.04f, 0.01f)) * Matrix.TR(new Vec3(0,0.02f,0.03f), Quat.FromAngles(-45+c.trigger*40, 0,0) ));
			Default.MeshCube.Draw(Default.Material, Matrix.TS(0.0149f*(hand == Handed.Right?1:-1), 0, 0.015f, new Vec3(0.01f*(1-c.grip), 0.04f, 0.01f)));


	// And show the pointer
	Default.MeshCube.Draw(Default.Material, c.aim.ToMatrix(new Vec3(1,1,4) *, Color.HSV(0,0.5f,0.8f).ToLinear());

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