enum DisplayBlend

This describes the way the display’s content blends with whatever is behind it. VR headsets are normally Opaque, but some VR headsets provide passthrough video, and can support Opaque as well as Blend, like the Varjo. Transparent AR displays like the HoloLens would be Additive.

Enum Values

Additive This display is transparent, and adds light on top of the real world. This is equivalent to a HoloLens type of device.
AnyTransparent This matches either transparent display type! Additive or Blend. For use when you just want to see the world behind your application.
Blend This is a physically opaque display, but with a camera passthrough displaying the world behind it anyhow. This would be like a Varjo XR-1, or phone-camera based AR.
None Default value, when using this as a search type, it will fall back to default behavior which defers to platform preference.
Opaque This display is opaque, with no view into the real world! This is equivalent to a VR headset, or a PC screen.

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