enum Handed

An enum for indicating which hand to use!

Enum Values

Left Left hand.
Max The number of hands one generally has, this is much nicer than doing a for loop with ‘2’ as the condition! It’s much clearer when you can loop Hand.Max times instead.
Right Right hand.


Here’s a small example of checking to see if a finger joint is inside a box, and drawing an axis gizmo when it is!

// A volume for checking inside of! 10cm on each side, at the origin
Bounds testArea = new Bounds(Vec3.One * 0.1f);

// This is a decent way to show we're working with both hands
for (int h = 0; h < (int)Handed.Max; h++)
	// Get the pose for the index fingertip
	Hand hand      = Input.Hand((Handed)h);
	Pose fingertip = hand[FingerId.Index, JointId.Tip].Pose;

	// Skip this hand if it's not tracked
	if (!hand.IsTracked) continue;

	// Draw the fingertip pose axis if it's inside the volume
	if (testArea.Contains(fingertip.position))

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