enum JointId

Here’s where hands get crazy! Technical terms, and watch out for the thumbs!

Enum Values

KnuckleMajor Joint 1. These are the knuckles at the top of the palm! For the thumb, Root and KnuckleMajor have the same value.
KnuckleMid Joint 2. These are the knuckles in the middle of the finger! First joints on the fingers themselves.
KnuckleMinor Joint 3. The joints right below the fingertip!
Root Joint 0. This is at the base of the hand, right above the wrist. For the thumb, Root and KnuckleMajor have the same value.
Tip Joint 4. The end/tip of each finger!


Here’s a small example of checking to see if a finger joint is inside a box, and drawing an axis gizmo when it is!

// A volume for checking inside of! 10cm on each side, at the origin
Bounds testArea = new Bounds(Vec3.One * 0.1f);

// This is a decent way to show we're working with both hands
for (int h = 0; h < (int)Handed.Max; h++)
	// Get the pose for the index fingertip
	Hand hand      = Input.Hand((Handed)h);
	Pose fingertip = hand[FingerId.Index, JointId.Tip].Pose;

	// Draw the fingertip pose axis if it's inside the volume
	if (testArea.Contains(fingertip.position))

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