Material Chain{ get set }


Allows you to chain Materials together in a form of multi-pass rendering! Any time the Material is used, the chained Materials will also be used to draw the same item.


Inverted Shell Chain

Materials can be chained together to create a multi-pass material! What you’re seeing here is an ‘Inverted Shell’ outline, a two-pass effect where a second render pass is scaled along the normals and flipped inside-out.

A sphere with an inverted shell outline

Material outlineMaterial;

void CreateShellMaterial()
	Material shellMaterial = new Material("inflatable.hlsl");
	shellMaterial.FaceCull = Cull.Front;
	shellMaterial[MatParamName.ColorTint] = Color.HSV(0.1f, 0.7f, 1);

	outlineMaterial = Material.Default.Copy();
	outlineMaterial.Chain = shellMaterial;

void DrawOutlineObject()
	Mesh.Sphere.Draw(outlineMaterial, Matrix.S(0.3f));

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