MatParamInfo GetParamInfo(int index)

Gets available shader parameter information for the parameter at the indicated index. Parameters are listed as variables first, then textures.

int index Index of the shader parameter, bounded by ParamCount.
RETURNS: MatParamInfo A structure that contains all the available information about the parameter.


Listing parameters in a Material

// Iterate using a foreach
Log.Info("Builtin PBR Materials contain these parameters:");
foreach (MatParamInfo info in Material.PBR.GetAllParamInfo())
	Log.Info($"- {} : {info.type}");

// Or with a normal for loop
Log.Info("Builtin Unlit Materials contain these parameters:");
for (int i=0; i<Material.Unlit.ParamCount; i+=1)
	MatParamInfo info = Material.Unlit.GetParamInfo(i);
	Log.Info($"- {} : {info.type}");

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