ModelNodeInfoCollection Info{ get }


A collection of key/value pairs that add additional information to this node. If this comes from a GLTF model, this will be populated with the contents of the “extras” section of the node.


Modifying ModelNode.Info

While ModelNode.Info is automatically populated from a GLTF’s “extras”, you can also embed or modify with your own data as well.

ModelNode modelNode = model.AddNode("empty", Matrix.Identity);
modelNode.Info.Add("a", "1");
modelNode.Info.Add("b", "2");
modelNode.Info.Add("c", "3");
modelNode.Info.Add("c", "10"); // overwrite 'c's value

Iterating through ModelNode.Info

You can choose to iterate through different parts of ModelNode.Info using foreach loops.

foreach (ModelNode node in model.Nodes)
	foreach (KeyValuePair<string, string> kvp in node.Info)
		Log.Info($"{kvp.Key} - {kvp.Value}");

	foreach (string key in node.Info.Keys)
		Log.Info($"key: {key} - {node.Info[key]}");

	foreach (string val in node.Info.Values)
		Log.Info($"value: {val}");

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