static Quat Delta(Quat from, Quat to)

Creates a quaternion that goes from one rotation to another.

Quat from The origin rotation.
Quat to And the target rotation!
RETURNS: Quat The quaternion between from and to.
static Quat Delta(Vec3 from, Vec3 to)

Creates a rotation that goes from one direction to another. Which is comes in handy when trying to roll something around with position data.

Vec3 from The origin direction.
Vec3 to And the target direction!
RETURNS: Quat The quaternion between from and to.


Pose spherePose  = new Pose(-1, 0, 1, Quat.Identity);
Quat sphereDelta = Quat.Identity;
Vec3 oldPalmPos;
void SpinningSphere()
	// Draw a sphere that you can spin around with your right hand!
	Vec3 palmPos = Input.Hand(Handed.Right).palm.position - spherePose.position;
	if (palmPos.Length < 0.3f)
		sphereDelta = Quat.Delta(oldPalmPos.Normalized, palmPos.Normalized);
	spherePose.orientation = sphereDelta * spherePose.orientation;
	oldPalmPos = palmPos;
	Mesh.Sphere.Draw(matDev, spherePose.ToMatrix(0.5f));

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