enum RenderLayer

When rendering content, you can filter what you’re rendering by the RenderLayer that they’re on. This allows you to draw items that are visible in one render, but not another. For example, you may wish to draw a player’s avatar in a ‘mirror’ rendertarget, but not in the primary display. See Renderer.LayerFilter for configuring what the primary display renders.

Enum Values

All This is a flag that specifies all possible layers. If you want to render all layers, then this is the layer filter you would use. This is the default for render filtering.
AllRegular This is a combination of all layers that are not the VFX layer.
Layer0 The default render layer. All Draw use this layer unless otherwise specified.
Layer1 Render layer 1.
Layer2 Render layer 2.
Layer3 Render layer 3.
Layer4 Render layer 4.
Layer5 Render layer 5.
Layer6 Render layer 6.
Layer7 Render layer 7.
Layer8 Render layer 8.
Layer9 Render layer 9.
Vfx The default VFX layer, StereoKit draws some non-standard mesh content using this flag, such as lines.

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