static Tex SkyTex{ get set }


Set a cubemap skybox texture for rendering a background! This is only visible on Opaque displays, since transparent displays have the real world behind them already! StereoKit has a a default procedurally generated skybox. You can load one with Tex.FromEquirectangular, Tex.GenCubemap. If you’re trying to affect the lighting, see Renderer.SkyLight.


Setting lighting to an equirect cubemap

Changing the environment’s lighting based on an image is a really great way to instantly get a particular feel to your scene! A neat place to find compatible equirectangular images for this is Poly Haven

Renderer.SkyTex   = Tex.FromCubemapEquirectangular("old_depot.hdr", out SphericalHarmonics lighting);
Renderer.SkyLight = lighting;

And here’s what it looks like applied to the default Material! Default Material example

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