static Sound Generate(AudioGenerator generator, float duration)

This function will generate a sound from a function you provide! The function is called once for each sample in the duration. As an example, it may be called 48,000 times for each second of duration.

AudioGenerator generator This function takes a time value as an argument, which will range from 0-duration, and should return a value from -1 - +1 representing the audio wave at that point in time.
float duration In seconds, how long should the sound be?
RETURNS: Sound Returns a generated sound effect! Or null if something went wrong.


Generating a sound via generator

Making a procedural sound is pretty straightforward! Here’s an example of building a 500ms sound from two frequencies of sin wave.

Sound genSound = Sound.Generate((t) =>
	float band1 = SKMath.Sin(t * 523.25f * SKMath.Tau); // a 'C' tone
	float band2 = SKMath.Sin(t * 659.25f * SKMath.Tau); // an 'E' tone
	const float volume = 0.1f;
	return (band1*0.6f + band2*0.4f) * volume;
}, 0.5f);

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