static Tex FromFile(string file, bool sRGBData, int loadPriority)

Loads an image file directly into a texture! Supported formats are: jpg, png, tga, bmp, psd, gif, hdr, pic. Asset Id will be the same as the filename.

string file An absolute filename, or a filename relative to the assets folder. Supports jpg, png, tga, bmp, psd, gif, hdr, pic
bool sRGBData Is this image color data in sRGB format, or is it normal/metal/rough/data that’s not for direct display? sRGB colors get converted to linear color space on the graphics card, so getting this right can have a big impact on visuals.
int loadPriority The priority sort order for this asset in the async loading system. Lower values mean loading sooner.
RETURNS: Tex A Tex asset from the given file, or null if it failed to load.

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