static Tex GenParticle(int width, int height, float roundness0to1, Gradient gradientLinear)

Generates a ‘radial’ gradient that works well for particles, blob shadows, glows, or various other things. The roundness can be used to change the shape from round, ‘1’, to star-like, ‘0’. Default color is transparent white to opaque white, but this can be configured by providing a Gradient of your own.

int width Width of the desired texture, in pixels.
int height Width of the desired texture, in pixels.
float roundness0to1 Where 0 is a cross, or star-like shape, and 1 is a circle. This is clamped to a minimum of 0.00001, but values above 1 are still valid, and will just make the shape a square near infinity.
Gradient gradientLinear A color gradient that starts with the background/outside at 0, and progresses to the center at 1.
RETURNS: Tex A texture object containing an RGBA linear texture.


Generating Particle Sprites

Sometimes you just need a small blob of color for visual effects or other things! Instead of firing up an image editor, you can just use Tex.GenParticle!

This sample generates a number of different shapes defined by the roundness parameter. Starting at 0, and increasing at .1 increments to 1.0.

Sprite[] sprites = new Sprite[10];
for (int i = 0; i < sprites.Length; i++)
	float roundness   = i / (float)(sprites.Length - 1);
	Tex   particleTex = Tex.GenParticle(64, 64, roundness);
	sprites[i] = Sprite.FromTex(particleTex, SpriteType.Single);
// :End:

spriteList = sprites;

ublic void Step() {

Sprite[] sprites = spriteList;

:CodeSample: Tex.GenParticle Sprite.FromTex And here’s what that looks like when you draw using this code!

for (int i = 0; i < sprites.Length; i++)
	sprites[i].Draw(Matrix.TS(V.XY0(i%5, -i/5)*0.1f, 0.1f), TextAlign.TopRight);

Generated particle sprites

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