enum TexType

Textures come in various types and flavors! These are bit-flags that tell StereoKit what type of texture we want, and how the application might use it!

Enum Values

Cubemap A size sided texture that’s used for things like skyboxes, environment maps, and reflection probes. It behaves like a texture array with 6 textures.
Depth This texture contains depth data, not color data!
Dynamic This texture’s data will be updated frequently from the CPU (not renders)! This ensures the graphics card stores it someplace where writes are easy to do quickly.
Image A standard color image that also generates mip-maps automatically.
ImageNomips A standard color image, without any generated mip-maps.
Mips This texture will generate mip-maps any time the contents change. Mip-maps are a list of textures that are each half the size of the one before them! This is used to prevent textures from ‘sparkling’ or aliasing in the distance.
Rendertarget This texture can be rendered to! This is great for textures that might be passed in as a target to Renderer.Blit, or other such situations.

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