static Transparency Blend


This will blend with the pixels behind it. This is transparent! You may not want to write to the z-buffer, and it’s slower than opaque materials.


Alpha Blending

Here’s an example material with an alpha blend transparency. Transparent materials typically don’t write to the depth buffer, but this may vary from case to case. Here we’re setting the alpha through the material’s Tint value, but the diffuse texture’s alpha and the instance render color’s alpha may also play a part in the final alpha value.

matAlphaBlend = Material.Default.Copy();
matAlphaBlend.Transparency = Transparency.Blend;
matAlphaBlend.DepthWrite   = false;
matAlphaBlend[MatParamName.ColorTint] = new Color(1, 1, 1, 0.75f);

Alpha blend example

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