static class U

A shorthand class with unit multipliers. Helps make code a little more terse on occasions!.

Static Fields and Properties

float cm Converts centimeters to meters. There are 100cm in 1m. In StereoKit 1 unit is also 1 meter, so 25 * == 0.25, 25 centimeters is .25 meters/units.
float km Converts meters to kilometers. There are 1000m in 1km, so this just multiplies by 1000.
float m StereoKit’s default unit is meters, but sometimes it’s nice to be explicit!
float mm Converts millimeters to meters. There are 1000mm in 1m. In StereoKit 1 unit is 1 meter, so 250 * Units.mm2m == 0.25, 250 millimeters is .25 meters/units.

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