Learning Resources

Outside of the resources here on the StereoKit site, there’s a number of other places you can go for learning information! Here’s a collection of external learning and sample resources to get you off the ground a little faster! If you have your own resources that you’d like to see linked here, just let us know!

Sample Projects

StereoKit Ink

StereoKit Ink

A well documented repository that illustrates creating a complete but simplified inking application. It includes functionality like custom and standard UI, line rendering, file save/load, and hand menus.

Bing Maps API and Terrain Sample

Bing Maps API and Terrain Sample

A well documented repository showing how to load and display satellite imagery and elevation information from the Bing Maps API. It includes creating a terrain system using StereoKit’s shader API, loading color and height data from an external API, and building a pedestal interface to interact with the content.

Release Notes Demo for v0.3.1

This is an interactive release notes demo project that showcases the features released in StereoKit v0.3.1! Not every release has a demo like this, but it can be pretty enlightening to browse through a code-base such as this one for reference.

GitHub Demos folder

These are the demos I build to test StereoKit features and APIs! They are occasionally documented, but frequently short and concise. They can be great to check out for a focused example of certain parts of the API!

GitHub Discussions/Issues

The best place to ask a question! It’s asynchronous, and a great place for long-form answers that can also benefit others. The Discussions tab is best for questions, feedback, and more nebulous stuff, and the Issues tab is best if you think something might be misbehaving or missing!

The StereoKit Discord Channel

In a rush with a question, got a project to share, or just want to hang out and chat? Or maybe you’re looking for some feedback on a potential contribution? Whatever the case, come and say hi on the Discord! This is the core hang-out spot for the team and community :)

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