bool Contains(Vec3 pt)

Vec3 pt A point in the same coordinate space as the Bounds.
RETURNS: bool True if the point is on, or in the Bounds.

Does the Bounds contain the given point? This includes points that are on the surface of the Bounds.

bool Contains(Vec3 linePt1, Vec3 linePt2)

Vec3 linePt1 Start of the line
Vec3 linePt2 End of the line
RETURNS: bool True if the line is in, or intersects with the bounds.

Does the Bounds contain or intersects with the given line?


Here’s a small example of checking to see if a finger joint is inside a box, and drawing an axis gizmo when it is!

// A volume for checking inside of! 10cm on each side, at the origin
Bounds testArea = new Bounds(Vec3.One * 0.1f);

// This is a decent way to show we're working with both hands
for (int h = 0; h < (int)Handed.Max; h++)
    // Get the pose for the index fingertip
    Hand hand      = Input.Hand((Handed)h);
    Pose fingertip = hand[FingerId.Index, JointId.Tip].Pose;

    // Draw the fingertip pose axis if it's inside the volume
    if (testArea.Contains(fingertip.position))