Index values for each finger! From 0-4, from thumb to little finger.

Static Fields and Properties

FingerId Index The primary index/pointer finger! Finger 1.
FingerId Little Finger 4, the smallest little finger! AKA, The Pinky.
FingerId Middle Finger 2, next to the index finger.
FingerId Ring Finger 3! What does one do with this finger? I guess… wear rings on it?
FingerId Thumb Finger 0.


Here’s a small example of checking to see if a finger joint is inside a box, and drawing an axis gizmo when it is!

// A volume for checking inside of! 10cm on each side, at the origin
Bounds testArea = new Bounds(Vec3.One * 0.1f);

// This is a decent way to show we're working with both hands
for (int h = 0; h < (int)Handed.Max; h++)
    // Get the pose for the index fingertip
    Hand hand      = Input.Hand((Handed)h);
    Pose fingertip = hand[FingerId.Index, JointId.Tip].Pose;

    // Draw the fingertip pose axis if it's inside the volume
    if (testArea.Contains(fingertip.position))