Tells if the Microphone is currently recording audio.


Getting streaming sound intensity

This example shows how to read data from a Sound stream such as the microphone! In this case, we’re just finding the average ‘intensity’ of the audio, and returning it as a value approximately between 0 and

  1. Microphone.Start() should be called before this example :)
    float[] micBuffer    = new float[0];
    float   micIntensity = 0;
    float GetMicIntensity()
     if (!Microphone.IsRecording) return 0;
     // Ensure our buffer of samples is large enough to contain all the
     // data the mic has ready for us this frame
     if (Microphone.Sound.UnreadSamples > micBuffer.Length)
         micBuffer = new float[Microphone.Sound.UnreadSamples];
     // Read data from the microphone stream into our buffer, and track 
     // how much was actually read. Since the mic data collection runs in
     // a separate thread, this will often be a little inconsistent. Some
     // frames will have nothing ready, and others may have a lot!
     int samples = Microphone.Sound.ReadSamples(ref micBuffer);
     // This is a cumulative moving average over the last 1000 samples! We
     // Abs() the samples since audio waveforms are half negative.
     for (int i = 0; i < samples; i++)
         micIntensity = (micIntensity*999.0f + Math.Abs(micBuffer[i]))/1000.0f;
     return micIntensity;

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