static Model FromMemory(string filename, Byte[]& data, Shader shader)

string filename StereoKit still uses the filename of the data for format discovery, but not asset Id creation. If you don’t have a real filename for the data, just pass in an extension with a leading ‘.’ character here, like “.glb”.
Byte[]& data The binary data of a model file, this is NOT a raw array of vertex and index data!
Shader shader The shader to use for the model’s materials! If null, this will automatically determine the best shader available to use.
RETURNS: Model A Model created from the file, or null if the file failed to load!

Loads a list of mesh and material subsets from a .obj, .stl, .gltf, or .glb file stored in memory. Note that this function won’t work well on files that reference other files, such as .gltf files with references in them.