ModelVisualCollection Visuals{ get }


This is an enumerable collection of all the nodes with Mesh/Material data in this Model, ordered non-heirarchically by when they were added. You can do Linq stuff with it, foreach it, or just treat it like a List or array!


Simple iteration of visual nodes

This will iterate through every ModelNode in the Model with visual data attached to it!

Log.Info("Iterate visuals:");
foreach (ModelNode node in model.Visuals)
	Log.Info("  "+ node.Name);

Tagged Nodes

You can search through Visuals and Nodes

var nodes = model.Visuals
	.Where(n => n.Name.StartsWith("[Wire]"));
foreach (var node in nodes)
	node.Material = node.Material.Copy();
	node.Material.Wireframe = true;

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