ModelVisualCollection Visuals{ get }


This is an enumerable collection of all the nodes with Mesh/Material data in this Model, ordered non-hierarchically by when they were added. You can do Linq stuff with it, foreach it, or just treat it like a List or array!


Counting the Vertices and Triangles in a Model

Model.Visuals are always guaranteed to have a Mesh, so no need to null check there, and VertCount and IndCount are available even if Mesh.KeepData is false!

int vertCount = 0;
int triCount  = 0;

foreach (ModelNode node in model.Visuals)
	Mesh mesh = node.Mesh;
	vertCount += mesh.VertCount;
	triCount  += mesh.IndCount / 3;
Log.Info($"Model stats: {vertCount} vertices, {triCount} triangles");

Simple iteration of visual nodes

This will iterate through every ModelNode in the Model with visual data attached to it!

Log.Info("Iterate visuals:");
foreach (ModelNode node in model.Visuals)
	Log.Info("  "+ node.Name);

Tagged Nodes

You can search through Visuals and Nodes for nodes with some sort of tag in their names. Since these names are from your modeling software, this can allow for some level of designer configuration that can be specific to your project.

var nodes = model.Visuals
	.Where(n => n.Name.Contains("[Wire]"));
foreach (ModelNode node in nodes)
	node.Material = node.Material.Copy();
	node.Material.Wireframe = true;

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