static bool FilePickerVisible{ get }


This will check if the file picker interface is currently visible. Some pickers will never show this, as they block the application until the picker has completed.


Opening a Model

This is a simple button that will open a 3D model selection file picker, and make a call to OnLoadModel after a file has been successfully picked!

if (UI.Button("Open Model") && !Platform.FilePickerVisible) {
	Platform.FilePicker(PickerMode.Open, OnLoadModel, null,
		".gltf", ".glb", ".obj", ".stl", ".fbx", ".ply");

Once you have the filename, it’s simply a matter of loading it from file. This is an example of async loading a model, and calculating a scale value that ensures the model is a reasonable size.

private void OnLoadModel(string filename)
	Task.Run(() =>
		model      = Model.FromFile(filename);
		modelScale = 1 / model.Bounds.dimensions.Magnitude;
		if (model.Anims.Count > 0)
			model.PlayAnim(model.Anims[0], AnimMode.Loop);

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