World contains information about the real world around the user. This includes things like play boundaries, scene understanding, and other various things.

Static Fields and Properties

Pose BoundsPose This is the orientation and center point of the system’s boundary/guardian. This can be useful to find the floor height! Not all systems have a boundary, so be sure to check World.HasBounds first.
Vec2 BoundsSize This is the size of a rectangle within the play boundary/guardian’s space, in meters if one exists. Check World.BoundsPose for the center point and orientation of the boundary, and check World.HasBounds to see if it exists at all!
bool HasBounds This refers to the play boundary, or guardian system that the system may have! Not all systems have this, so it’s always a good idea to check this first!

Static Methods

FromSpatialNode Converts a Windows Mirage spatial node GUID into a Pose based on its current position and rotation! Check StereoKitApp.System.spatialBridge to see if this is available to use. Currently only on HoloLens, good for use with the Windows QR code package.

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