class HandMenuItem

This is a collection of display and behavior information for a single item on the hand menu.

Instance Fields and Properties

HandMenuAction action Describes the menu related behavior of this menu item, should it close the menu? Open another layer? Go back to the previous menu?
Action callback The callback that should be performed when this menu item is selected.
Sprite image Display image of the item, null is fine!
string layerName If the action is set to Layer, then this is the layer name used to find the next layer for the menu!
string name Display name of the item.

Instance Methods

HandMenuItem A menu item that’ll load another layer when selected.


Basic layered hand menu

The HandMenuRadial is an IStepper, so it should be registered with StereoKitApp.AddStepper so it can run by itself! It’s recommended to keep track of it anyway, so you can remove it when you’re done with it via StereoKitApp.RemoveStepper

The constructor uses a params style argument list that makes it easy and clean to provide lists of items! This means you can assemble the whole menu on a single ‘line’. You can still pass arrays instead if you prefer that!

handMenu = SK.AddStepper(new HandMenuRadial(
	new HandRadialLayer("Root",
		new HandMenuItem("File",   null, null, "File"),
		new HandMenuItem("Edit",   null, null, "Edit"),
		new HandMenuItem("About",  null, () => Log.Info(SK.VersionName)),
		new HandMenuItem("Cancel", null, null)),
	new HandRadialLayer("File", 
		new HandMenuItem("New",   null, () => Log.Info("New")),
		new HandMenuItem("Open",  null, () => Log.Info("Open")),
		new HandMenuItem("Close", null, () => Log.Info("Close")),
		new HandMenuItem("Back",  null, null, HandMenuAction.Back)),
	new HandRadialLayer("Edit",
		new HandMenuItem("Copy",  null, () => Log.Info("Copy")),
		new HandMenuItem("Paste", null, () => Log.Info("Paste")),
		new HandMenuItem("Back", null, null, HandMenuAction.Back))));

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