Pose pose


The grip pose of the controller. This approximately represents the center of the controller where it’s gripped by the user’s hand. Check trackedPos and trackedRot for the current state of the pose data.


Controller Debug Visualizer

This function shows a debug visualization of the current state of the controller! It’s not something you’d show to users, but it’s nice for just seeing how the API works, or as a temporary visualization.

void ShowController(Handed hand)
	Controller c = Input.Controller(hand);
	if (!c.IsTracked) return;

		// Pick the controller color based on trackin info state
		Color color = Color.Black;
		if (c.trackedPos == TrackState.Inferred) color.g = 0.5f;
		if (c.trackedPos == TrackState.Known)    color.g = 1;
		if (c.trackedRot == TrackState.Inferred) color.b = 0.5f;
		if (c.trackedRot == TrackState.Known)    color.b = 1;
		Default.MeshCube.Draw(Default.Material, Matrix.S(new Vec3(3, 3, 8) *, color);

		// Show button info on the back of the controller
		Hierarchy.Push(Matrix.TR(0,1.6f*,0, Quat.LookAt(Vec3.Zero, new Vec3(0,1,0), new Vec3(0,0,-1))));

			// Show the tracking states as text
			Text.Add(c.trackedPos==TrackState.Known?"(pos)":(c.trackedPos==TrackState.Inferred?"~pos~":"pos"), Matrix.TS(0,-0.03f,0, 0.25f));
			Text.Add(c.trackedRot==TrackState.Known?"(rot)":(c.trackedRot==TrackState.Inferred?"~rot~":"rot"), Matrix.TS(0,-0.02f,0, 0.25f));

			// Show the controller's buttons
			Text.Add(Input.ControllerMenuButton.IsActive()?"(menu)":"menu", Matrix.TS(0,-0.01f,0, 0.25f));
			Text.Add(c.IsX1Pressed?"(X1)":"X1", Matrix.TS(0,0.00f,0, 0.25f));
			Text.Add(c.IsX2Pressed?"(X2)":"X2", Matrix.TS(0,0.01f,0, 0.25f));

			// Show the analog stick's information
			Vec3 stickAt = new Vec3(0, 0.03f, 0);
			Lines.Add(stickAt, stickAt + c.stick.XY0*0.01f, Color.White, 0.001f);
			if (c.IsStickClicked) Text.Add("O", Matrix.TS(stickAt, 0.25f));

			// And show the trigger and grip buttons
			Default.MeshCube.Draw(Default.Material, Matrix.TS(0, -0.015f, -0.005f, new Vec3(0.01f, 0.04f, 0.01f)) * Matrix.TR(new Vec3(0,0.02f,0.03f), Quat.FromAngles(-45+c.trigger*40, 0,0) ));
			Default.MeshCube.Draw(Default.Material, Matrix.TS(0.0149f*(hand == Handed.Right?1:-1), 0, 0.015f, new Vec3(0.01f*(1-c.grip), 0.04f, 0.01f)));


	// And show the pointer
	Default.MeshCube.Draw(Default.Material, c.aim.ToMatrix(new Vec3(1,1,4) *, Color.HSV(0,0.5f,0.8f).ToLinear());

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