static Material MaterialPBR{ get set }


The default Physically Based Rendering material! This is used by StereoKit anytime a mesh or model has metallic or roughness properties, or needs to look more realistic. Its shader may change based on system performance characteristics, so it can be great to copy this one when creating your own materials! Or if you want to override StereoKit’s default PBR behavior, here’s where you do it! Note that the shader used by default here is much more costly than Default.Material.


Occlusion (R), Roughness (G), and Metal (B) are stored respectively in the R, G and B channels of their texture. Occlusion can be separated out into a different texture as per the GLTF spec, so you do need to assign it separately from the Metal texture.

matPBR = Material.PBR.Copy();
matPBR[MatParamName.DiffuseTex  ] = Tex.FromFile("metal_plate_diff.jpg");
matPBR[MatParamName.MetalTex    ] = Tex.FromFile("metal_plate_metal.jpg", false);
matPBR[MatParamName.OcclusionTex] = Tex.FromFile("metal_plate_metal.jpg", false);

PBR material example

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