static Font FromFile(String[] fontFiles)

Loads a font and creates a font asset from it.

String[] fontFiles A list of file addresses for the font! For example: ‘C:/Windows/Fonts/segoeui.ttf’. If a glyph is not found, StereoKit will look in the next font file in the list.
RETURNS: Font A font from the given files, or null if all of the files failed to load properly! If any of the given files successfully loads, then this font will be a valid asset.


Drawing text with and without a TextStyle

Basic text We can use a TextStyle object to control how text gets displayed!

TextStyle style;

In initialization, we can create the style from a font, a size, and a base color. Overloads for MakeStyle can allow you to override the default font shader, or provide a specific Material.

style = Text.MakeStyle(
	Font.FromFile("C:/Windows/Fonts/times.ttf") ?? Default.Font, 
	2 *,
	Color.HSV(0.55f, 0.62f, 0.93f));

Then it’s pretty trivial to just draw some text on the screen! Just call Text.Add on update. If you don’t have a TextStyle available, calling it without one will just fall back on the default style.

// Text with an explicit text style
	Matrix.TR(new Vec3(0.1f, 0, 0), Quat.LookDir(0, 0, 1)),
// Text using the default text style
	Matrix.TR(new Vec3(-0.1f, 0, 0), Quat.LookDir(0, 0, 1)));

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