static Matrix Perspective(float fovDegrees, float aspectRatio, float nearClip, float farClip)

This creates a matrix used for projecting 3D geometry onto a 2D surface for rasterization. Perspective projection matrices will cause parallel lines to converge at the horizon. This is great for normal looking content.

float fovDegrees This is the vertical field of view of the perspective matrix, units are in degrees.
float aspectRatio The projection surface’s width/height.
float nearClip Anything closer than this distance (in meters) will be discarded. Must not be zero, and if you make this too small, you may experience glitching in your depth buffer.
float farClip Anything further than this distance (in meters) will be discarded. For low resolution depth buffers, this should not be too far away, or you’ll see bad z-fighting artifacts.
RETURNS: Matrix The final perspective matrix.

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