static String[] GetDevices()

Constructs a list of valid Microphone devices attached to the system. These names can be passed into Start to select a specific device to record from. It’s recommended to cache this list if you’re using it frequently, as this list is constructed each time you call it.

It’s good to note that a user might occasionally plug or unplug microphone devices from their system, so this list may occasionally change.

RETURNS: String[] List of human readable microphone device names.


Choosing a microphone device

While generally you’ll prefer to use the default device, it can be nice to allow users to pick which mic they’re using! This is especially important on PC, where users may have complicated or interesting setups.

Microphone device selection window

This sample is a very simple window that allows users to start recording with a device other than the default. NOTE: this example is designed with the assumption that Microphone.Start() has been called already.

Pose     micSelectPose   = new Pose(Demo.contentPose.Translation + V.XYZ(0,-0.12f,0), Demo.contentPose.Rotation);
string[] micDevices      = null;
string   micDeviceActive = null;
void ShowMicDeviceWindow()
	// Let the user choose a microphone device
	UI.WindowBegin("Available Microphones:", ref micSelectPose);

	// User may plug or unplug a mic device, so it's nice to be able to
	// refresh this list.
	if (UI.Button("Refresh") || micDevices == null)
		micDevices = Microphone.GetDevices();

	// Display the list of potential microphones. Some systems may only
	// have the default (null) device available.
	Vec2 size = V.XY(0.25f, UI.LineHeight);
	if (UI.Radio("Default", micDeviceActive == null, size))
		micDeviceActive = null;
	foreach (string device in micDevices)
		if (UI.Radio(device, micDeviceActive == device, size))
			micDeviceActive = device;


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