float AnimTime{ get set }


This is the current time of the active animation in seconds, from the start of the animation. If no animation is active, this will be zero. This will always be a value between zero and the active animation’s Duration. For a percentage of completion, see AnimCompletion instead.


Animation progress bar

A really simple progress bar visualization for the Model’s active animation.

Model with progress bar


Hierarchy.Push(Matrix.T(0.5f, 1, -.25f));

// This is a pair of green lines that show the current progress through
// the animation.
float progress = model.AnimCompletion;
Lines.Add(V.XY0(0, 0), V.XY0(-progress, 0),  new Color(0,1,0,1.0f), 2*;
Lines.Add(V.XY0(-progress, 0), V.XY0(-1, 0), new Color(0,1,0,0.2f), 2*;

// These are some labels for the progress bar that tell us more about
// the active animation.
Text.Add($"{model.ActiveAnim.Name} : {model.AnimMode}", Matrix.TS(0, -2*, 0, 3),        TextAlign.TopLeft);
Text.Add($"{model.AnimTime:F1}s",                       Matrix.TS(-progress, 2*, 0, 3), TextAlign.BottomCenter);


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