Model Copy()

Creates a shallow copy of a Model asset! Meshes and Materials referenced by this Model will be referenced, not copied.

RETURNS: Model A new shallow copy of a Model.


Copying assets

Modifying an asset will affect everything that uses that asset! Often you’ll want to copy an asset before modifying it, to ensure other parts of your application look the same. In particular, modifying default assets is not a good idea, unless you do want to modify the defaults globally.

Model model1 = new Model(Mesh.Sphere, Material.Default);
model1.RootNode.LocalTransform = Matrix.S(0.1f);

Material mat = Material.Default.Copy();
mat[MatParamName.ColorTint] = new Color(1,0,0,1);
Model model2 = model1.Copy();
model2.RootNode.Material = mat;

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