ModelNode FindNode(string name)

Searches the entire list of Nodes, and will return the first on that matches this name exactly. If no ModelNode is found, then this will return null. Node Names are not guaranteed to be unique.

string name Exact name to match against. ASCII only for now.
RETURNS: ModelNode The first matching ModelNode, or null if none are found.


Assembling a Model

While normally you’ll load Models from file, you can also assemble them yourself procedurally! This example shows assembling a simple hierarchy of visual and empty nodes.

Model model = new Model();
	.AddNode ("Root",    Matrix.S(0.2f), Mesh.Cube, Material.Default)
	.AddChild("Sub",     Matrix.TR (V.XYZ(0.5f, 0, 0), Quat.FromAngles(0, 0, 45)), Mesh.Cube, Material.Default)
	.AddChild("Surface", Matrix.TRS(V.XYZ(0.5f, 0, 0), Quat.LookDir(V.XYZ(1,0,0)), V.XYZ(1,1,1)));

ModelNode surfaceNode = model.FindNode("Surface");

surfaceNode.AddChild("UnitX", Matrix.T(Vec3.UnitX));
surfaceNode.AddChild("UnitY", Matrix.T(Vec3.UnitY));
surfaceNode.AddChild("UnitZ", Matrix.T(Vec3.UnitZ));

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