static void RenderTo(Tex toRendertarget, Matrix camera, Matrix projection, RenderLayer layerFilter, RenderClear clear, Rect viewport)

This renders the current scene to the indicated rendertarget texture, from the specified viewpoint. This call enqueues a render that occurs immediately before the screen itself is rendered.

Tex toRendertarget The texture to which the scene will be rendered to. This must be a Rendertarget type texture.
Matrix camera A TRS matrix representing the location and orientation of the camera. This matrix gets inverted later on, so no need to do it yourself.
Matrix projection The projection matrix describes how the geometry is flattened onto the draw surface. Normally, you’d use Matrix.Perspective, and occasionally Matrix.Orthographic might be helpful as well.
RenderLayer layerFilter This is a bit flag that allows you to change which layers StereoKit renders for this particular render viewpoint. To change what layers a visual is on, use a Draw method that includes a RenderLayer as a parameter.
RenderClear clear Describes if an how the rendertarget should be cleared before rendering. Note that clearing the target is unaffected by the viewport, so this will clean the entire surface!
Rect viewport Allows you to specify a region of the rendertarget to draw to! This is in normalized coordinates, 0-1. If the width of this value is zero, then this will render to the entire texture.

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