struct Vertex

This represents a single vertex in a Mesh, all StereoKit Meshes currently use this exact layout!

It’s good to fill out all values of a Vertex explicitly, as default values for the normal (0,0,0) and color (0,0,0,0) will cause your mesh to appear completely black, or even transparent in most shaders!

Instance Fields and Properties

Color32 col The color of the vertex. If you aren’t using it, set it to white.
Vec3 norm The normal of this vertex, or the direction the vertex is facing. Preferably normalized.
Vec3 pos Position of the vertex, in model space coordinates.
Vec2 uv The texture coordinates at this vertex.

Instance Methods

Vertex Create a new Vertex, use the overloads to take advantage of default values. Vertex color defaults to White. UV defaults to (0,0).

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