static Material OcclusionMaterial{ get set }


By default, this is a black(0,0,0,0) opaque unlit material that will occlude geometry, but won’t show up as visible anywhere. You can override this with whatever material you would like.


Basic World Occlusion

A simple example of turning on the occlusion mesh and overriding the default material so it’s visible. For normal usage where you just want to let the real world occlude geometry, the only important element is to just set World.OcclusionEnabled = true;.

Material occlusionMatPrev;

public void Start()
	if (!SK.System.worldOcclusionPresent)
		Log.Info("Occlusion not available!");

	// If not available, this will have no effect
	World.OcclusionEnabled = true;

	// Override the default occluding material
	occlusionMatPrev = World.OcclusionMaterial;
	World.OcclusionMaterial = Material.Default;

public void Stop()
	// Restore the previous occlusion material
	World.OcclusionMaterial = occlusionMatPrev;

	// Stop occlusion
	World.OcclusionEnabled = false;

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