Vec3 Transform(Vec3 point)

Transforms a point through the Matrix! This is basically just multiplying a vector (x,y,z,1) with the Matrix.

Vec3 point The point to transform.
RETURNS: Vec3 The point transformed by the Matrix.
Ray Transform(Ray ray)

Shorthand to transform a ray though the Matrix! This properly transforms the position with the point transform method, and the direction with the direction transform method. Does not normalize, nor does it preserve a normalized direction if the Matrix contains scale data.

Ray ray A ray you wish to transform from one space to another.
RETURNS: Ray The transformed ray!
Pose Transform(Pose pose)

Shorthand for transforming a Pose! This will transform the position of the Pose with the matrix, extract a rotation Quat from the matrix and apply that to the Pose’s orientation. Note that extracting a rotation Quat is an expensive operation, so if you’re doing it more than once, you should cache the rotation Quat and do this transform manually.

Pose pose The original pose.
RETURNS: Pose The transformed pose.

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