static class SK

This class contains functions for running the StereoKit library!

Static Fields and Properties

DisplayMode ActiveDisplayMode Since we can fallback to a different DisplayMode, this lets you check to see which Runtime was successfully initialized.
AppFocus AppFocus This tells about the app’s current focus state, whether it’s active and receiving input, or if it’s backgrounded or hidden. This can be important since apps may still run and render when unfocused, as the app may still be visible behind the app that does have focus.
bool IsInitialized Has StereoKit been successfully initialized already? If initialization was attempted and failed, this value will be false.
SKSettings Settings This is a copy of the settings that StereoKit was initialized with, so you can refer back to them a little easier. These are read only, and keep in mind that some settings are only requests! Check SK.System and other properties for the current state of StereoKit.
SystemInfo System This structure contains information about the current system and its capabilities. There’s a lot of different MR devices, so it’s nice to have code for systems with particular characteristics!
UInt64 VersionId An integer version Id! This is defined using a hex value with this format: 0xMMMMiiiiPPPPrrrr in order of Major.mInor.Patch.pre-Release
string VersionName Human-readable version name embedded in the StereoKitC DLL.

Static Methods

AddStepper This creates and registers an instance the IStepper type provided as the generic parameter. SK will hold onto it, Initialize it, Step it every frame, and call Shutdown when the application ends. This is generally safe to do before SK.Initialize is called, the constructor is called right away, and Initialize is called right after SK.Initialize, or right away if SK is already initialized.
ExecuteOnMain This will queue up some code to be run on StereoKit’s main thread! Immediately after StereoKit’s Step, all callbacks registered here will execute, and then removed from the list.
Initialize Initializes StereoKit window, default resources, systems, etc.
PreLoadLibrary If you need to call StereoKit code before calling SK.Initialize, you may need to explicitly load the library first. This can be useful for setting up a few things, but should probably be a pretty rare case.
Quit Lets StereoKit know it should quit! It’ll finish the current frame, and after that Step will return that it wants to exit.
RemoveStepper This removes a specific IStepper from SK’s IStepper list. This will call the IStepper’s Shutdown method before returning.
Run This passes application execution over to StereoKit. This continuously steps all StereoKit systems, and inserts user code via callback between the appropriate system updates. Once execution completes, it properly calls the shutdown callback and shuts down StereoKit for you. Using this method is important for compatibility with WASM and is the preferred method of controlling the main loop, over SK.Step.
SetWindow Android only. This is for telling StereoKit about the active Android window surface. In particular, Xamarin’s ISurfaceHolderCallback2 gets SurfaceCreated and SurfaceDestroyed events, and these events should feed into this function.
Shutdown Shuts down all StereoKit initialized systems. Release your own StereoKit created assets before calling this.
Step Steps all StereoKit systems, and inserts user code via callback between the appropriate system updates.

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