static BtnState LastElementActive{ get }


Tells the Active state of the most recently called UI element that used an id.


Checking UI element status

It can sometimes be nice to know how the user is interacting with a particular UI element! The UI.LastElementX functions can be used to query a bit of this information, but only for the most recent UI element that uses an id!

A window containing the status of a UI element

So in this example, we’re querying the information for the “Slider” UI element. Note that UI.Text does NOT use an id, which is why this works.

UI.WindowBegin("Last Element API", ref windowPose);

UI.HSlider("Slider", ref sliderVal, 0, 1, 0.1f, 0, UIConfirm.Pinch);
UI.Text("Element Info:", TextAlign.TopCenter);
if (UI.LastElementHandActive (Handed.Left ).IsActive()) UI.Label("Left Active");
if (UI.LastElementHandActive (Handed.Right).IsActive()) UI.Label("Right Active");
if (UI.LastElementHandFocused(Handed.Left ).IsActive()) UI.Label("Left Focused");
if (UI.LastElementHandFocused(Handed.Right).IsActive()) UI.Label("Right Focused");
if (UI.LastElementFocused                  .IsActive()) UI.Label("Focused");
if (UI.LastElementActive                   .IsActive()) UI.Label("Active");


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