static bool RadioAt(string text, bool active, Sprite imageOff, Sprite imageOn, UIBtnLayout imageLayout, Vec3 topLeftCorner, Vec2 size)

A Radio is similar to a button, except you can specify if it looks pressed or not regardless of interaction. This can be useful for radio-like behavior! Check an enum for a value, and use that as the ‘active’ state, Then switch to that enum value if Radio returns true. This version allows you to override the images used by the Radio.

string text Text to display on the Radio and id for tracking element state. MUST be unique within current hierarchy.
bool active Does this button look like it’s pressed?
Sprite imageOff Image to use when the radio value is false.
Sprite imageOn Image to use when the radio value is true.
UIBtnLayout imageLayout This enum specifies how the text and image should be laid out on the radio. For example, UIBtnLayout.Left will have the image on the left, and text on the right.
Vec3 topLeftCorner This is the top left corner of the UI element relative to the current Hierarchy.
Vec2 size The layout size for this element in Hierarchy space.
RETURNS: bool Will return true only on the first frame it is pressed!

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