static void TextAt(string text, TextAlign textAlign, TextFit fit, Vec3 topLeftCorner, Vec2 size)

Displays a large chunk of text on the current layout. This can include new lines and spaces, and will properly wrap once it fills the entire layout! Text uses the UI’s current font settings, which can be changed with UI.Push/PopTextStyle.

string text The text you wish to display, there’s no additional parsing done to this text, so put it in as you want to see it!
TextAlign textAlign Where should the text position itself within its bounds? TextAlign.TopLeft is how most English text is aligned.
TextFit fit Describe how the text should behave when one of its size dimensions conflicts with the provided ‘size’ parameter. UI.Text uses TextFit.Wrap by default.
Vec3 topLeftCorner This is the top left corner of the UI element relative to the current Hierarchy.
Vec2 size The layout size for this element in Hierarchy space.

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